North Star is the first Enduro Touring company that operates in Greece.

Our philosophy is based on one thing: "We do it because we love Enduro Riding". We organise enduro tours, providing all necessary

Gear,   Motorcycles and   Guides.


We are based in Northern Greece, in the city of Kavala.

A city with great history, surrounded by the "Rhodopi" mountain line, and the waters of the aegean sea, gives you the opportunity to enjoy activities in both fields.

We organise all inclusive, economy and own bike enduro tours.

Our all inclusive packages include everything a rider needs to enjoy pure enduro adventures in our area. We cover all levels.

Our city is an enduro heaven.

Due to our city's privileged location (in less than an hour we can reach the most beautiful, adventurous, natural trails) we guarantee a memorable Enduro Ride Experience.

Latest videos

North Star Erzberg 2013
North Star Enduro Touring
North Star Enduro on The Greek Mountains
North Star clip 1 greek
North Star Enduro Touring in Greece
North Star clip 3
Enduro Adventure
Enduro Livaditis Beta 450 Beta 400
Enduro Adventure
North Star Enduro Touring
North Star Enduro Touring
North Star Enduro Touring
Enduro Adventure
Extreme Enduro in Greece

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